American Rescue Workers

1401 South Hanover Street

Baltimore, MD 21230   

Our homeless shelter is located in the heart of Baltimore's historic Federal Hill.


Overnight Shelter

Convalescent  Care

Our overnight emergency shelter opens at 6 PM nightly, 4:30 PM during times of extremely inclement weather. After they are registered, the overnight guests are fed two hot, balanced, nutritious meals—dinner at 6 PM, and breakfast at 6 AM.

They also have access to shower facilities, are given emergency clothing if needed, and have a warm, caring, and safe place to sleep for the night. After breakfast, guests with substance abuse problems are welcome to attend our daily 12-step Christian based, recovery program.

We specifically reach out to those who were new to homelessness, and the most vulnerable of our guests (aged, sick, very young) to provide assistance and referrals that would break the cycle of homelessness in their lives.  


Each year, we provide 10,950 bednights of emergency overnight shelter.  We provide  a safe and caring environment for overnight shelter, and we endeavor to meet the personal needs of each guest. We provide referrals for healthcare, employment, and permanent housing.

We started our convalescent care program in the middle of the contract year of 2007. We received a call from Baltimore Homeless Services, asking for our immediate help. Only one shelter facility in the city had been offering a men’s convalescent care program, and they had just been shut down.

Now, a facility was needed quickly to provide shelter for sick and injured men who would otherwise be on the street, unable to care for themselves. American Rescue Workers has a reputation for stepping in to help in times of crisis; we are always willing to go the extra mile to provide aid. We immediately sent trucks and vans to the closed facility and provided transportation for each client to our shelter.

The goal of our Convalescent Care Program is to provide 24 hour care in a clean, safe environment to medically fragile homeless men, as they recover from surgeries, major illnesses, and trauma. Additionally, we provide three hot, balanced, nutritious meals for each client, as well as access to our shower facilities, and clothing as needed. We are the only handicapped and wheelchair accessible homeless shelter in Baltimore City , so we are able to give equal access to all clients. 


We work in cooperation with Healthcare for the Homeless, who provide the full range of services including medical care, mental health services, social services (client advocacy, case management), outpatient substance abuse treatment and transportation, all coordinated by an on-call nurse. Case management will enroll each client to receive mainstream benefits, as well as assist with finding housing.

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